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Modeling for real-time simulation: Breakdown of tasks

In HYPERSIM, a preparation step before the simulation automatically separates the simulation tasks by considering the propagation delay of the transmission lines. The typical simulation time step is between 45 μs and 50 μs. The relationship between the speed of light and that of the propagation modes of distributed parameter line models (CP type) determines the minimum permissible length of these (e.g. 15 km for a 50 μs step).

HYPERSIM will report (with an error message) an inconsistency if a PI line is in parallel with a CP line. Indeed, in HYPERSIM both ends of a PI line are located in a single task, while each end of the CP line is located in two separate tasks. Also, in HYPERSIM we validate that the speed of the modes of propagation of the lines does not exceed the speed of light. Otherwise, a warning is displayed on the console during circuit analysis.

The following figure shows an example of the conflict associated with PI lines: PI lines to be replaced with CP lines.

For more precision and to facilitate the parallelization process, it is recommended to use CP-type lines for lengths greater than 15 km (minimum length for a time step of 50 μs). Also, the speed of the various propagation modes should not be greater than the speed of light.

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