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Example | Synchronous Machine Xd Td


This example model can be found in the software under the category "Conventional Generation" with the file name "Synchronous_Machine_Xd_Td.ecf".


The Synchronous Machine Xd Td. model is developed in HYPERSIM based on ...

This basic network allows to extract synchronous machine basic characteristics such as Xd, Xd', Xd'', Td', Td''.

We apply a sudden 3-phase-to-ground fault at the terminal of the machine and then remove the fault.

By analyzing the transient of the current when the fault is applied, we can evaluate: Xd, Xd', Xd'', Td' and Td''.

By analyzing the transient of the voltage when recovering from the fault, we can evaluate: Tdo' and Tdo".

About system bus:

Phase = 100 MVA
Vbase = 100 kv
Ibase = Phase/Vbase/sqrt(3) = 577.3 A

In steady faulty condition: 685 Apeak--> 484 Arms--> 0.84 pu --> Xd = 1.2
Peak fault current: 7500/2 Apeak

Simulation and Results

Fault currents and Bus Voltages

Machine currents, Terminal Voltage and Speed



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