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HYPERSIM Release Notes: 2021.2



  • Added support for sequence data for transformers, lines, and switched shunts in PSS®E import
  • Added support for substation grouping with automatic component rotation in PSS®E import
  • Added capability to save and load sensor configuration in .csv format for faster bulk editing  
  • Added new battery chemistry types Li-Ion LFP, Li-Ion NMC, Li-Ion NCR/NCA, Li-Ion LTO

  • Added reset pin to allow resetting State of Charge at its initial value from an external signal in the battery model

  • Added option to customize discharge parameters in the battery model

  • Added protection library model:
  • Added example model:
  • Added the following Python API commands:
    • activateObservables 
    • flipHorizontallyDevice 
    • flipVerticallyDevice 
    • getDeviceBundlePins 
    • getDeviceBundleChildPins 
    • rotateLeftDevice 
    • rotateRightDevice 
    • setDevicesNameVisibility 
  • Added Signal Routing library models allowing sending/receiving signals through all levels of subcircuits or pages without the need for drawn wires
  • Added support for Windows targets in accelerated simulation (RTA) mode 
  • Added support for multi-user on Windows platform
  • Added Help button in example models, linking to their documentation 
  • Added warning pop-up upon loading a new sensor file that overrides the current configuration


  • Improved suggested UCM files when exporting a project as .zip
  • Improved the HYPERSIM ribbon layout


  • Fixed issue where some routing intermediate components (Cjump) would show in the netlist view

  • Fixed issue with synchronous machine stability during initialization when the d-axis only saturation is enabled 
  • Fixed example models:
    • Fixed sensors not found error of distance_21_pott protection example 
    • Fixed C37118SlaveTool window opening multiple times when running C37.118 example in localhost

I/O Interfaces


  • Added capability to virtualize usage of several I/O interfaces to facilitate model development by allowing simulation with I/Os without access to real hardware
    • C37.118 Slave/Master, DNP3 Slave/Master, IEC60870-5-104 Slave, IEC 61850 GOOSE/SV, Modbus Slave/Master, OPAL-RT Board, OPC-UA Server, Synchronization (Oregano), TCP-UDP, Triphase
  • Fixed possible crashes when simulation runs after a driver failed to initialize
  • Fixed NIC name validations in all TCP/IP I/O interfaces
  • Fixed IP validation of servers in all TCP/IP I/O interfaces

DNP3 Master

  • Added support for double bit binary inputs
  • Added support for Windows
  • Fixed how initial values were applied

DNP3 Slave

  • Added Deadband feature on analog inputs
  • Added support for multiple slaves in one interface 
  • Fixed how initial values were applied

IEC 60870-5-104 Slave

  • Added support for simulation in Windows 

IEC 61850

  • Fixed use on non-English Windows PCs

Modbus Master

  • Fixed cycle rate 

  • Fixed crash at reset 


  • Added support for OP5369 digital bidirectional and configurable threshold card

  • Fixed incapacity to set analog out card range for FPGA-based simulation bitstreams
  • Fixed EncoderIN usage
  • Fixed issues with bitstream configuration selection for OP5600 Spartan-3
  • Fixed detection issues for VC707 and OP4520 MuSE remote expansion simulators
  • Fixed board ID detection for VC707 MuSE central simulators


  • Fixed handling of VLAN for Oregano cards

FPGA-Based Simulation

More detailed list of release notes available at C:\OPAL-RT\eFPGASIM\v2.7.1.16\Docs\ReleaseNotes

  • Added support for eHS license upgrade (eHSx32, eHSx64, eHSx128) without changing firmware
  • Added display of time step on FPGA-based circuit component

  • Added LED support in TE0741 firmware

  • Added firmware for OP4510 with Kintex-7 410T FPGA

  • Added contextualization of Half-Bridge Converter for eHS Gen5
  • Fixed initial values for inductor current and capacitor voltage

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