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ABB PS935 | Supported Features and Limitations

Supported Features

  • Configurable using the GUI of HYPERSIM but also using the .io file workflow; both methods yield the same results
  • Supports 3 modes:
    • Software loopback
    • Hardware loopback
    • No loopback
  • Use of PS935 hardware can be daisy chained
    • Done by connecting the OUT PCIe port of the nth PS935 device to the IN PCIe port of the N+1th device
    • The interconnection is seamless for the OPAL simulator
    • Each PS935 device is identified by its MAC address (an 8 numeral hexadecimal value)
    • One PS935 HYPERSIM interface is necessary per PS935 device
  • Supports exchange of up to 256 floating point values per direction
  • Supports exchange of up to 512 binary values per direction


  • The board requires to be flashed each time the OPAL-RT simulator interfacing with it it is booted
  • Flashing the firmware is only possible after a boot-up of the system i.e. cannot re-program a firmware or change it without having gone through a power-up sequence
  • Firmware is not retro-compatible, the firmware used for the PS935 device needs to be compatible with the hardware
  • If a problem occurs during the upload of the firmware, the device must be rebooted followed by rebooting the OPAL simulator before attempting the upload again

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