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PS935 is an ABB board used to set and acquire voltage, current and switches position on electrical power systems. It is a PCIe board that can be connected to an OPAL-RT simulator through a MAGMA expansion chassis.

The card has been developed as a joint effort between ABB and Institut de recherche d'Hydro-Québec (IREQ).

The PS935 HYPERSIM interface works by reading and writing PCIe data through a shared memory. The device accesses the shared memory asynchronously, performs the data manipulation as indicated by its firmware and then it transfers the data through optical fiber to the other PS935 devices potentially part of the setup.

The PS935 device must be programmed with an appropriate firmware before attempting to run a HYPERSIM simulation that employs it.


When the device is first connected to power, there are two possibilities:

  • the green "ERR" LED lights up: this means there is a problem with the PCIe connection
  • the green "+24V" LED lights up: this means the device is powered but there is no firmware programmed in it

Flashing a correct firmware will cause the green "OK" LED to also light up. When the board is in this state, it is ready to be used.

If the flashing was unsuccessful, the red "STALL" LED will light up.

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