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OP7824 16TX Fiber Optic Module

The OP7824 is a digital I/O conditioning board designed to fit in the back slots of the OP7000 chassis.

The board holds 16 optical transceivers and converts 16 logic signals into fiber optic signals (transmit channels). Hence it ensures optical digital output isolation between the OPAL-RT simulator and the unit under test. 

The transceivers are compatible with plastic optical fiber cables (650nm wavelength). Their frequency range is DC to 25 MHz, corresponding to a 50 Mbps baud rate, for distances up to 50 meters. The absolute minimum for transmission (Tx) high and low pulse width is 20ns.

This frequency range means the board can be used as a standard digital output card with isolation (DC mode), or for low-speed communication protocols.

Channel Description

Each channel implements the Tx part of the OP7820 channel circuit.


The OP7824 fiber optic module must be inserted in the back of the OP7000 simulator, making sure that the board is properly aligned using the guide tracks before pressing it into place.

The corresponding front slot may be empty or may hold an OP7353 monitoring board.

Front Plate

The front plate features 16 transmit (Tx, output) transceivers.

The plastic optical fiber cable must hold a VersaLink termination. One cable is required for each transceiver connection.

Fiber Optic Patch-cords

 On-board connecto


Product NameOP7824
Part Number126-0463
Product typeOP7000 fiber optic board
Transmitter TypeAvago AFBR-1624Z
Connector TypeVersaLink termination
Maximum Tx/Rx FrequencyDC to 25 MHZ (for 50 Mbps at 50 meters)
Minimum Tx Pulse WidthHigh and low = 20ns.
Dimensions18.8 x 16.4 cm (7.4 in x 6.46 in)
Operating Temperature10 to 40 ºC (50 to 104ºF)
Storage Temperature-55 to 85ºC (-67 to 185ºF)
Relative Humidity10 to 90%, non-condensing
Maximum Altitude2,000 m (6562 ft.)

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