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Uncrating a Large OPAL-RT Hardware Product


Time: 30 min

NUMBER OF PEOPLE: One person for steps 1 to 6,

NEEDED: Step 7 requires 5 people

TOOLS REQUIRED: Drill with an appropriate bit (Philips or Robertson head)

Step 1

Remove wooden Screws from Top Panel and Side Panel

Tools Required: Drill + proper bit tip (usually Phillips or Robertson Square)

Step 2

Remove the top and side Panel

Step 3

Assemble the four (4) Wheels that came with your system bench

Step 4

Slide carefully the cabinet towards the removed side panel \

This step may require several people

Step 5

Attach an overhead crane to the four (4) hooks that are on the top of the bench that Opal supplied

Step 5

Once the bench is safely secured to the overhead crane, you could slowly pull up the bench until it’s in a vertical position.

Roll the bench to your desired location

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