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OP7461 PCIe Board

The OP7461 is a PCIe Gen1 x4 interface card is used to create the PCIe communication link between the OP7000 or OP700V2 FPGA Primary board and the real-time computer.

Board layout

The OP7461 is a PCIe expansion card that connects, via the mid-plane connectors, to high-speed links driven in PCIe mode by the FPGA card.

OP7461 PCIe board

Module installation

The OP7461 PCIe Module must be inserted into the left-most of the three central slots in the back of the OPAL-RT simulator (see schematic in page OP7000V2 Adding or Replacing Boards, the same applies for the OP7000 chassis)

Make sure that the card is properly aligned, using the guide tracks, before pressing into place.

Front Plate

The front plate holds a PCIe x4 iPass connector for connecting the PCIe cable going from the real-time simulator to the OP7000 or OP7000V2 chassis.

The OP7461 is required in OP7000 and OP7000V2 PCIe configuration or OP7000V2 MuSE-Central configuration. It is not required in the OP7000V2 MuSE-Remote configuration.

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