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OP8926 Installation & Configuration


The board comes installed with the OP5369 and the FIU relays according to the part number selected.  

If the board did not come already installed in the NI SLSC-12001 Platform, simply position the module in alignment with the desired slot and push in firmly until the back connectors are pressed into the backplane connectors of the chassis.

SLSC Conditioning Board using the OP5369 (Dout Push-Pull FET, configurable 4.5V to 24V, <100ns for 5V and <120ns for 30V, Din programmable threshold 0-30V 50ns), with or without FIU.

Product Nomenclature

Part NumberDescriptionDigital In/outDigital Out TypeFIU

32 Dout FET with FIU SLSC Conditioning Board

32-channel configurable In or Out in groups of 8

32FET32 single-ended FIU

32 Dout FET SLSC Conditioning Board

32-channel configurable In or Out in groups of 8


The OP8926 is a carrier board supporting the following OPAL-RT Type B Mezzanines:

  • OP5369: Dout Push-Pull FET, 4.5V-24V, Din programmable threshold 0-30V 50ns, predefined combinations for a total of 32 I/O.

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