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OP7220 Carrier Board

OP7220 Carrier Board

The OP7220 is a carrier board designed for the OP7000 and OP7000V2 chassis to support the analog conversion mezzanine modules, OP5330 (D/A) and OP5340 (A/D).

Board Layout

When the OP5330 or OP5340 mezzanine module is installed on the carrier via the polarized J1/J2 connectors, and the carrier is sled into one even-numbered slot of the chassis, the top mid-plane connector routes the signals between the FPGA and the mezzanine, and the bottom mid-plane connector routes the signals from the mezzanine to the conditioning or passthrough card installed in the back slot of the chassis (see red lines in the figure below).

OP7220 connection flow

Front Plate

The OP7220 front plate provides four RJ45 connectors that allow monitoring of individual channels, and a series of LED indicators to display the individual status of the channels and a general status LED, as indicated by the blue lines in the figure above.

See OP7000V2 Front Interface for the LEDs signification.

The RJ45 connectors give access to all 16 channels managed by the mezzanine card installed on the OP7220, divided into 4 channels per jack, as shown in the figure below.

Carrier board RJ45 connections

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