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OpNI60xE Windowed AIn




The NI60xE Windowed AIN blocks (OpNI60xEWindowedAInCtrl and OpNI60xEWindowedAIn) are typically used to perform Analog Input signal acquisitions synchronized with engine signals.

The OpNI60xEWindowedAIn block defines windows of acquisitions during a 720-degree cycle referenced by the Index signal.

The OpNI60xEWindowedAIn block must be inserted in a triggered subsystem connected to an OpSubsystemTrigger block. The execution of the triggered subsystem is controlled by the Window signal derived from the definition of the acquisition windows

Refer to the documentation of the OpNI60xEWindowedAInCtrl block for the description of the engine signals and their use.


Window Ctrl IDEnter an integer value. The same value must be set in one OpNI60xEWindowedAInCtrl in the model.
Windows Start PositionListEnter the vector of start positions (in degrees) of the acquisition windows.
Windows Width ListEnter the widths (in degrees) of the acquisition windows. This list must have the same number of elements as the Windows StartPosition List vector.
Channel ListEnter the list of Analog Input channels to be acquired. The NI60xE will be configured so that these channels are sequentially acquired at each degree of the cycle defined by the engine signals.
Voltage rangeSelect the voltage range that best fits the expected input signal range.


This block has no inputs.


The block returns:

  • the window number (also referred to as Cylinder Id) acquired when the block was last executed,
  • the Start Position (in degree) of the window being acquired,
  • the number of samples obtained,
  • the acquisition data for each of the analog Input channels defined in the channel list parameter. These Analog Input values are returned in Volts.

Characteristics and Limitations


Systems using the OpNI60xEWindowedAINCtrl and OpNI60xEWindowedAIn blocks usually ship with custom made cables that allow to easily connect the engine signals and other derived signals to the NI60xE and NI6602boards.

For information on these specific cables refer to the documentation received with your system or contact

Direct FeedthroughNo
Discrete sample timeNo
XHP supportNo
Work offlineNo

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