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OpScramnet Notify Block




The OpScramnet Notify block is used in a Master or Slave subsystem, along with other OpScramnet blocks, to send or receive notifications when the reflective shared memory is modified. Using this block, it is possible to avoid reading memory that was not updated or that is currently being written by another node on the network. Use it in its "Send" form to transmit a notification when memory is written or use it in its "Receive" form to check for memory updates.


Controller (Node) ID

Specifies the controller ID of the OpScramnet Ctrl that the Notify block will relate to.


Selects the action performed when selected memory locations contents are modified.

  • Send Notification: Send a notification on the Scramnet network to inform other nodes about the modifications.

  • Receive Notification: Listen to notifications from other nodes on the Scramnet network

Monitor all memory locations

When this option is selected, the chosen action will be performed for any shared memory location and the Addresses input port is deactivated.

Sample time

The sample period in second. Use 0 for continuous and -1 for inherited. This is the sample time parameter commonly encountered in the Simulink block library.


AddressesIf the selected action is Send Notification, this optional input takes a vector of memory addresses in bytes and the block will automatically send a notification on the network when the contents of one of this addresses are modified. If the selected action is Receive Notification, this optional input takes only one address and the block will monitor for writes to this address. If multiple addresses are to be monitored for changes, multiple blocks must be used.


StatusThis output is available only when the selected block action is Receive Notification. The status port rises to 1 if a notification was received and indicates that a valid address is available on the address output port. Otherwise, it is 0. If multiple notifications were received simultaneously, the Status port value will remain at 1 for as many calculations steps and one different address will be read from the notification FIFO for each step.
AddressThis output is available only when the selected block action is Receive Notification. It reports the memory address that was modified by another node on the Scramnet network. The address is valid only if the status output port is 1.

Characteristics and limitations

This block has no special characteristics.

Direct FeedthroughNo
Discrete sample timeYes
XHP supportNo
Work offlineNo

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