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Elmo Gold Solo Whistle as an EtherCAT Slave

This document aims at describing the procedure of running an Elmo Gold Solo Whistle drive as an EtherCAT slave using RT-LAB version 10.7.2 or later. The EtherCAT driver is based on Data Exchange Layer (DiL) infrastructure, and that is why there is no block dedicated to communicate with this driver, instead a set of connections should be defined through connection.opal file which is presented later in this document.

Supported Features

ModeCyclic Position Mode

Cyclic Velocity Mode

Cyclic Torque Mode

Multimode (Ability to change between cyclic position, velocity, and torque modes on the fly)
IODigital in/out

Analog in
OtherGeneric mode (PDO assignment and configuration by the user)

Position counter reset (on the fly as well as before running the model)

Configuring the Driver Through the .config File

In the .config file, the configuration of the EtherCAT driver as well as the specifications of Elmo drive are determined. The model should be accompanied by this file in RT-LAB when loading the model. Therefore, the correct file has to be added in the model's "File" list window in RT-LAB as shown below in order to load the model successfully:


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