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CanDB Controller block basic mask

CanDB file selection and managment GUI


This block combines the classic functionalities of a NI-CAN Controller block along with the extra capability to automatically generate a series of Send/Receive OpNI-CAN based blocks configured to support the following capabilities:

  • Automatic generation and configuration of OpNI-CAN Send/Receive blocks based on the information from the selected CanDB file,
  • Automatic generation of per-signal scaling blocks based on the information from the selected CanDB file,
  • Dynamic block scheduling policy selection through a customized OpNI-CAN Send block mask,


Configure System From CanDBThis check box launches the CanDBFile Management panel and allows the import of CanBus messages found and defined in the CanDB file.
Current database filenameInforms on the last opened and processedCanDB file. If no CanDB file has previously been used, the value displayed is None.
DeviceSee OpNI-CAN Controller documentation.
Controller ID
PCI index
Plug-in module
XS Transceiver Type
Baud Rate


This block has no inputs.


This block has no outputs.

Characteristics and Limitations

Direct FeedthroughN/A
Discrete sample timeN/A
XHP supportYes
Work offlineNo

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