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OP8110-3 Console GUI

This block implements an interactive GUI for the user to control the amplifier. The block allows the user to see if the system or the amplifiers have faults, allows to enable or disable the DC link and the output of each amplifier. 

Mask and Parameters

The GUI changes based on the configuration selected in the amplifier communication block (shown in OP8110-3 Interface Group Communication Block). Following is the explanation of the GUI in each of its modes of operation. 




This section of the GUI deals with the overall OP8110 system operation. It shows "SYSTEM IS OK" if there is no system fault. It will show FAULT if there is one. It also displays the mode of operation of the amplifier GROUP i.e. INDEPENDENT, INDEPENDENT GROUPED or DIFFERENTIAL.

The RESET ALL button can be used to reset all the faults of the amplifier and make it ready to re-initialize. 


This section shows the status of the amplifier GROUP DC link.

Enable Amplifier DC Link charges the amplifier group DC LINK and connects it to the amplifier inputs.

DISABLE disconnects the DC Link from the amplifier inputs. 

The status of the DC link is also displayed here. 

DC BUS ON !! - means the DC link is turned on

OFF - means the DC link is turned off


This section shows the status of the amplifier.

It shows if the amplifier is in GUI CONTROL MODE or in MODEL CONTROL MODE (as selected in the  OP8110-3 Interface Group Communication Block)

ENABLE OUTPUT  turns on the amplifier output.

DISABLE turns off the amplifier output. 

The status of the amplifier is also displayed here. 

OFF - means the output is turned off

FAULTY LEG!! - means there is a fault on the amplifier

OUTPUT ON !! - means the amplifier is power on

The input and output of the block directly communicate with the OP8110-3 Interface Group Communication Block.

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