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OpPC-DIO-96Digital Out




The National InstrumentsPC-DIO-96 board is a 96-bit parallel digital I/O device from the NI6507/NI6508family.

The board features 4 82C55Parallel Port Interfaces (PPIs). Each PPI controls 24 bits of digital I/O grouped in three 8-bit ports (A, B and C). Each port can be programmed as either inputs or outputs.

This block allows the user to program one port of one PPI as outputs. The block OpPC-DIO-96Digital In must be used for programming the bits as inputs. MultipleOpPC-DIO-96 Digital In and Digital Out blocks can be inserted in the same model, as long as they do not use the same PPI/Port selection.


PCI indexSee the glossary definition.
PPISelect one of the 4 PPIs available.
PortSelect one of the 8-line ports A, B or C of the selected PPI. A different OpPC-DIO-96Digital Out block must be used for each I/O port.
Selection of channels used as outputEnter the vector of channel numbers to be monitored by this block. The channel numbers, in the range [0-7], can be entered in any order and must appear only once in the list.
Specify multiple channel data in one single value (range 0 - 255)When this option is checked the block expects that individual channel values are concatenated in the same data value. See the Inputs section for details.
SynchronizeSee the glossary definition.


reset, pause and run: See the glossary definition.

When the parameter 'Specify multiple-channel data in one single value (range 0 - 255)' is not checked, the reset, pause and run inports must specify the individual channel values as vectors of values. The size of each of the three inports is the number of channels specified in the channel selection list.

When the parameter 'Specify multiple channel data in one single value (range0 - 255)' is checked, the size of each inport is 1 and the value applied to each of the inports represents the channel data in binary representation: one bit represents one channel value, the LSB being channel 0 and the MSB being channel 7. The range of the input values is then 0 (all channels are 0) to 255 (all channels values are equal to 1).


This block has no outputs.

Characteristics and Limitations

ConnectorPin Assignments

The table below gives the connector pin assignments of the 100-pin I/O Connector of the PC-DIO-96 board. The pin names are formed from the PPI, port and channel numbers as follows:

Pin-name= PPI(A,B,C,D) - Port(PA,PB,PC) - Channel number(0..7)

[For example, pin APC6 refers to PPI A, Port C, channel 6]

100-pin I/O

Pin Description Pin Description 
1APC7 51CPC7 
2BPC7 52DPC7 
3APC6 53CPC6 
4BPC6 54DPC6 
5APC5 55CPC5 
6BPC5 56DPC5 
7APC4 57CPC4 
8BPC4 58DPC4 
9APC3 59CPC3 
10BPC3 60DPC3 
11APC2 61CPC2 
12BPC2 62DPC2 
13APC1 63CPC1 
14BPC1 64DPC1 
15APC0 65CPC0 
16BPC0 66DPC0 
17APB7 67CPB7 
18BPB7 68DPB7 
19APB6 69CPB6 
20BPB6 70DPB6 
21APB5 71CPB5 
22BPB5 72DPB5 
23APB4 73CPB4 
24BPB4 74DPB4 
25APB3 75CPB3 
26BPB3 76DPB3 
27APB2 77CPB2 
28BPB2 78DPB2 
29APB1 79CPB1 
30BPB1 80DPB1 
31APB0 81CPB0 
32BPB0 82DPB0 
33APA7 83CPA7 
34BPA7 84DPA7 
35APA6 85CPA6 
36BPA6 86DPA6 
37APA5 87CPA5 
38BPA5 88DPA5 
39APA4 89CPA4 
40BPA4 90DPA4 
41APA3 91CPA3 
42BPA3 92DPA3 
43APA2 93CPA2 
44BPA2 94DPA2 
45APA1 95CPA1 
46BPA1 96DPA1 
47APA0 97CPA0 
48BPA0 98DPA0 
49+5V 99+5V 
50GND 100GND 
Direct FeedthroughNo
Discrete sample timeNo
XHP supportYes
Work offlineNo

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