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The ARTEMiS Blockset is a performance-enhancing add-on to the Simscape Electrical Specialized Power Systems (SPS) Blockset that extends its capability for real-time simulation.

ARTEMiS has the following characteristics:

  • Deterministically-bound fixed time step integration method suitable for real-time simulation

  • Non-iterative execution appropriate for hardware-in-the-loop simulation

  • High execution speed suitable for large-scale simulation

  • Support for parallel processing suitable for distributed simulation in RT-LAB and eMEGAsim

  • Superior numerical stability through the use of L-stable discretization methods

  • Interpolation capability for increased precision in switched network

  • State-Space Nodal (SSN) solver for real-time simulation without any limitation on the number of switches

Some SSN features:

  • Can handle models with hundreds of switches in real-time

  • Interpolation capability for Thyristors and IGBTs

  • SSN enables parallelization of the nodal equations without delays in the solution

  • SSN enables the user to incorporate their own models directly into the nodal solver without any delay in the solution

  • SSN iteration capability on MOVs and Single Switches (new 2015)

  • SSN benchmarked for 750 EMTP nodes distribution grid at 52µs on Xeon-v3 20 cores PCs (new 2015)

TSB-RD (with real-diode in rectification mode) for nanosecond accuracy in simulation of 2-level, 3-level NPC and 3-level T-type inverters (new 2018)

  • Support parallelization (2-level)

  • Snubber selection made more easy because of real-diode in rectification mode

  • Equivalent nanosecond interpolation accuracy with RT-Events modulation or Digital Input with Time Stamping

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