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HYPERSIM Release Notes: 2021.1



  • Added exciter library model:
  • Added governor library model:
  • Added example models :
  • Added support for Python version 3.7 
  • Added the following Python API commands:
    • getAllDevicesNames 
    • renameSignal 
    • addPinsToDevice
    • createSubCircuit
    • ScopeView.setDataSourceParameter
  • Added subcircuit support in the following Python API commands:
    • addDevice
    • includeDevice
    • removeDevice
    • renameDevice
    • connectDevices
  • Added Signal Routing library models allowing sending/receiving signals through all levels of subcircuits or pages without the need for drawn wires
    • Radiolink emitter
    • Radiolink receiver
  • Added Multi-Breaker and CmdLine commands in TestView
  • Added error message to prevent users from opening more than one instance of HYPERSIM
  • Added option to "solve control inputs before solving power" advanced option in simulation settings. It remains unchecked for existing examples but is activated by default with newly created models.
  • Added support for EXST1 and ST1A in PSS®E import
  • Added carrier frequency input and dead time parameter in PWM average generators for 2-Level Converter and Full-Bridge Converter


  • Improved I/O assignment and sensor management workflow 


  • Fixed issue where some signals in a bundle would be renamed during EDD import, potentially leading to wrong signal connections on the same observable 
  • Fixed issue where some signal names could conflict during EDD import, potentially leading to import interruption by a popup 
  • Fixed the output behavior of H(s) component at the beginning of the simulation when a non-zero constant is connected to the "init" input or a zero constant is applied at input "u" 
  • Fixed DC Circuit Breaker form default values to avoid solver divergence in some cases 
  • Fixed Task Manager's SaveConfig option wrongly opening OpenConfig menu 
  • Fixed issues with scripts generated using a template in the Sequence Manager where paths include space characters
  • Fixed issues with EDD import when models containing UCMs have their .def file located next to the .edd file
  • Fixed Control Exciter library models:
    • AC2A: Fixed the initialization of VA0 and the non-windup integrator producing the VE signal
    • EXAC3: Fixed Efd output at the initialization of the feedback loop signal when EFDN > Efd0
    • EXST1: Fixed various issues with In1, Vt and Vc1 pins and the lower limit of the exciter
  • Fixed Autotransformer displayed base winding voltages in rmsLL
  • Fixed Voltage Source base voltage value in EDD export

  • Fixed several components that were not reported under the correct category in the Netlist
  • UI: Fixed issue where some connections wouldn't show on the design when connecting multiple pins to the same bundle
  • UI: Fixed default signal names being cleared when doing Paste Special with "keep old names"
  • UI: Fixed new default names occasionally assigned to devices on Paste Special even if "keep names" specified


  • Removed protection example model:
    • Distance 21 POTT.

I/O Interfaces


  • Improved network configuration through harmonization of parameters across relevant interfaces (C37.118, DNP3, IEC 60870-5-104, Modbus) and implementation of automatic IP aliasing generation

C37.118 Slave

  • Fixed driver behavior when multiple points connected to the same sensor


  • Added support for double bit binary input
  • Added support for integrity polling (new read mode)
  • Added support to run the driver on Windows

IEC 60870-5-104

  • Fixed display issue in point lists of the configuration menu

IEC 61850

  • Fixed model loading and resetting issues coming from an incompatibility between IEC 61850 and Modbus RTU (Master and Slave)

Modbus Slave/Master

  • Fixed initialization failures due to synchronization issues


  • Added support for OP5369 digital card


  • Added automatic discovery of the network interface name

FPGA-Based Simulation

  • Added support for user-defined time step configuration
  • Added generation of eHS compilation logs
  • Added support of OP4510 Kintex-7 410T based firmware
  • Added support for QE on RS422
  • Added support for configuring more than 32 AO channels
  • Improved the names of machine input and output signals
  • Fixed issues with configurations using more than 2 SCIM/DFIM/SM
  • Fixed the output amplitude of DQ voltage of the SCIM/DFIM/SM being dependent on time step

Communication Network Simulation

  • Improved user workflow (DRV-3736)

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