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Harmonic Analysis | ZSEQ

Compute the sequence impedance matrix in function of the phase impedance matrix. The input and output are represented by phasors.


Output the sequence impedance matrix in function of an phase impedance matrix. The following equations are used to calculate the impedences:


Z00_magMagnitude of the Z00
Z01_magMagnitude of the Z01
Z02_magMagnitude of the Z02
Z10_magMagnitude of the Z10
Z11_magMagnitude of the Z11
Z12_magMagnitude of the Z12
Z20_magMagnitude of the Z20
Z21_magMagnitude of the Z21
Z22_magMagnitude of the Z22
Z00_angAngle of the Z00 (in degrees)
Z01_angAngle of the Z01 (in degrees)
Z02_angAngle of the Z02 (in degrees)
Z10_angAngle of the Z10 (in degrees)
Z11_angAngle of the Z11 (in degrees)
Z12_angAngle of the Z12 (in degrees)
Z20_angAngle of the Z20 (in degrees)
Z21_angAngle of the Z21 (in degrees)
Z22_angAngle of the Z22 (in degrees)


Zaa_magMagnitude of the Zaa
Zab_magMagnitude of the Zab
Zac_magMagnitude of the Zac
Zba_magMagnitude of the Zba (not required)
 Zbb_magMagnitude of the Zbb
Zbc_magMagnitude of the Zbc
Zca_magMagnitude of the Zca (not required)
Zcb_magMagnitude of the Zcb (not required)
Zca_magMagnitude of the Zcc
Zaa_angAngle of the Zaa (in degrees)
Zab_ang Angle of the Zab (in degrees)
Zac_angAngle of the Zac (in degrees)
Zba_angAngle of the Zba (in degrees) (not required)
Zbb_angAngle of the Zbb (in degrees)
Zbc_angAngle of the Zbc (in degrees)
Zca_angAngle of the Zca (in degrees)
Zcb_angAngle of the Zcb (in degrees) (not required)
Zcc_angAngle of the Zcc (in degrees) (not required)


[Z00_mag,Z01_mag,Z02_mag,Z10_mag,Z11_mag,Z12_mag,Z20_mag,Z21_mag,Z22_mag,Z00_ang,Z01_ang,Z02_ang,Z10_ang,Z11_ang,Z12_ang,Z20_ang,Z21_ang,Z22_ang] = zseq(Zaa_mag,Zab_mag,Zac_mag,Zba_mag,Zbb_mag,Zbc_mag,Zca_mag,Zcb_mag,Zcc_mag,Zaa_ang,Zab_ang,Zac_ang,Zba_ang,Zbb_ang,Zbc_ang,Zca_ang,Zcb_ang,Zcc_ang)

Data type support
Double Floating point

For this example, a phase impedance matrix is created and the sequence impedance will be computed by zseq function.

This matrix is imported through ScopeView:

Using the zseq function and putting the result in a table:

Which corresponds to this matrix:

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