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OP4510 V2 I/O Specifications

The OP4510 V2 can hold any combination of four of the following Type B mezzanines. The standard OP4510 V2-1 contains one of each.

32 Digital In (OP5353)

Number of channels

32 digital inputs


Optical isolator

Connection mode

Anode and cathode available on connector

Input current

3.6 mA, current limiting diode

Reverse voltage protection

Schottky diode

Maximum reverse voltage protection

30 Volts

Detection threshold

Separate Schmitt Trigger

Voltage range

4 to 50 Vdc

32 Digital Out (OP5360-2)

Number of channels

32 digital outputs

2 banks of 16, fully isolated and independent of each other


Galvanic isolator

Output Protection

50 mA resettable fuse

Protection thresholds

Over voltage: 30.1V

Reverse voltage: maximum of 30 V.

Output Voltage range

5 to 30 Vdc max

Output configuration

Push-pull, tri-state output

16 Analog In (OP5340)

Number of channels:

16 differential


16 bits

Input range (V)


16 Analog Out (OP5330)

Number of channels:

16 single-ended


16 bits

Default range:

± 16 Volts

Maximum current:

15 mA

RS422 Digital In (OP5969-1)

Number of channels

6 differential inputs

Detection threshold

± 0.5 V

Input current

± 3 mA

Delay Low-to-High

65 ns

RS422 Digital Out (OP5969-1)

Number of channels

6 differential outputs

High level (With load) Low level (With load)

2.5 V min @ -20 mA

0.5 V max @ 20 mA

Delay Low-to-High

55 ns

Fiber Optic Connectors (OP5969-2)

Number of channels6 transmitters, 6 receivers
Receiver TypeAFBR-2624Z PIN diode
Transmitter TypeAFBR-1624Z 650nm wavelength
Connector TypeAvago’s Versatile Link family
Compatible Fiber TypePlastic Optical Fiber (POF), 650nm
Maximum Tx/Rx Frequency

DC - 25MHz

Baud Rate

50 Mbps

Minimum Tx Pulse Width20 ns
Maximum Distance50 meters

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