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OP4610-IO Receiving and Verification

After opening the package, remove the equipment and components.
Make sure that all the items described in Standard Hardware are in the box and are undamaged.

The OP4610-IO real-time simulator includes the following basic hardware:



Part Number

OP4610-IO chassis

MuSE via one SFP socket

Dolphin SW-Link PCIe adapter
PCIe Target Cable Adapter

I/O cables and connectors

DB37 loopback board DB37 loopback cable


DB9 terminal block (optional)


DB37 terminal block (optional)


5 m Plastic Optical Fibers (optional)


Power cable

1.83 m (6’) power cord, black (10A 125V)T00-0833


System Integration binder

  • OPAL-RT strongly recommends the use of anti-static wrist straps whenever handling any electronic device provided by OPAL-RT.
    Damage resulting from electrostatic charges is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The OP4610-IO may be subjected to EMI when installed in proximity to other devices.
    Make sure to connect the OP4610-IO ground to the rack to prevent any EMI related damage to the simulator.
  • Disconnect power before servicing.

Rack Mount Brackets and Handles Assembly (Optional)

Usually, the rack mount brackets and handles are not assembled to the chassis.

Hardware List

The hardware for the rack mount brackets and handles are provided in a plastic bag.

  • 2x 110-3124 - 3U Rack Mount Brackets 
  • 2x T00-8185 - Pull Handles Black Anodized Alu. 8-32 x 3.5"
  • 4x T00-6800 - Black SS Phillips Flat Head Screws 8-32 X ½" long
  • 8x T00-1402 - Black, SS, Phillips Flat Head Screws 6-32 x 5/16" long


Follow these simple steps to install the brackets and the handles.
For each side:

  • Remove the two (2) top front screws.
    • Put the screws away, they will be replaced with longer ones.

  • Assemble the rack mount bracket using 4 screws.
    • Do not use the screws you removed in the previous steps, they are too short.
    • 4 screws per bracket, 6-32 x 5/16" flat head, Phillips, OPAL-RT P/N T00-1402

  • Assemble the handle to the bracket using two (2) screws.
    • 2 screws per handle, 8-32 x ½" flat head, Phillips, OPAL-RT P/N T00-6800

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