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OP4512 I/O Specifications

Compatible I/O modules and suggested standard configuration

The OP4512 can hold any combination of four (4) compatible I/O modules.

This default I/O module configuration suggested comprises:

2x OP5330 - 16 Analog Output at 1MSPS or 8 Analog Output at 2MSPS
1x OP5342 - 16 Analog Input - 2MSPS
1x OP5369 32-Channel Digital IO Board

RS422 I/O Module

This is the default I/O module provided with the OP4512.
Another optional I/O module may have been installed on the customer's request, replacing the RS422 I/O module.

RS422 Digital In

Number of channels

6 differential inputs

Detection threshold

± 0.5 V

Input current

± 3 mA

Delay Low-to-High

65 ns

RS422 Digital Out

Number of channels

6 differential outputs

High level (with load)
Low level (with load)

2.5 V min @ -20 mA
0.5 V max @ 20 mA

Delay Low-to-High

55 ns

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