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OP5342 - 16 Analog Input - 2MSPS

The OP5342 module provides 16 differential analog input channels, sampled at up to 2 MS/s, for measuring input signals up to ±20 V.

For OP5600 and OP5700 chassis, the OP5342 is compatible only with recent I/O carrier versions (V3 or above), i.e., system model numbers: OP5640V3, OP5607V3, OP5707V3.

Main Features

  • 16 analog input channels

  • 16-bit resolution

  • Simultaneous sampling at 2 MS/s

  • Voltage range ±20V

  • Differential input impedance 1 MΩ

  • Factory-calibrated

Channel description

Each channel uses a 16-bit resolution analog-to-digital (ADC) converter. Each ADC can sample up to 2 MSPS, giving a total throughput of 32 MS/s, all channels being simultaneously sampled. 

The figure below represents a simplified schematic of the input stage of the OP5342 module. The first filter removes excessive noise. The signal is then attenuated to bring the voltage within the range required by the ADC converter.

For each channel, the input to ground has 500 kΩ input impedance and 1 MΩ differential input impedance.


Voltage range

The default voltage range is ±20 V.


  • The card is factory-calibrated to ensure accurate output values, with a maximum of ±10mV absolute error on noise and offset.

To ensure the ±10mV precision, a warm-up time of 5mn is necessary.

For compatibility of this card, please consult Hardware compatibility table.


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