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HEI Relay Write

Host Engineering Interface HEI Relay write




This block was developed by Opal-RT to interface the T1K-08TR and T1K-08TRS relay output modules from Host Engineering.        

This block is used to access to a module in write mode. The first parameter is the node id of the Ethernet Base Controller (ebc) to which the module is connected. This node id must have been previously declared in the HEI configuration block. If not, the initialization will fail even if the ebc is actually on. The second parameter is the module index. The module index is determined by its position in the chain. For example, in a case where there is 3 modules connected to an ebc, the indexes would be set the following way :


Node: Node id of the Ethernet Base Controller to which the relay output module is connected.

Module index: Index of the module.


Input vector: Vector of 8 double values used to command the 8 relays of the module. When value is 0, the corresponding relay is closed, anything else is evaluated as an open state.


No outputs.

Characteristics and limitations

step size supported whithout overrun (processor 2.4 GHz) : 30 us
Notice : even though the model can run at 30 us, the relays themself won't be updated that fast. The constructor's documentation specify a worst case time delay of 15 ms. All commands meanwhile will be ignored.

Relay output modules supported:



  Direct Feedthrough


Discrete sample time


XHP support


Work offline


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