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HEI Configuration Block




This block was developed by Opal-RT to interface the T1H-EBC100 Ethernet Base Controller (ebc) from Host Engineering.

This block is used to configure the Host Engineering Interface (HEI) service. The first field is used to set the number of ebc required and the second is a list of their node's ids. The first field must be equal to the size of the list of the second parameter. Avoid setting an ebc id to 0. This id is reserved for online configuration through the Host Engineering software and may cause inappropriate behavior if not done correctly. Also, if there is two ebc with the same node id on the network, the initialization will fail. Make sure to configure your ebcs in consequence.


Ebc countSpecify the number of Ethernet Base Controllers.
Node listSpecify the ids of the Ethernet Base Controllers. The size of this list must be equal to the ebc count previously specified.


No inputs.


No outputs.

Characteristics and Limitations

Time Limitation

Step size supported without overrunning (processor 2.4 GHz): 30 µs

Notice: even though the model can run at 30 us, the relays themselves won't be updated that fast. The constructor documentation specified that a time delay of 15 ms in the worst case should be expected. All commands meanwhile will be ignored.

Ethernet Base Controller Supported


Power Supply Module: T1K-01AC

Wire GuageSolid: 24 - 12 AWG
Stranded: 24 - 12 AWG
Recommended Torque4.43 - 5.31 lb-in
(0.5 - 0.6 Nm)
Input Voltage Range110/220VAC (85-264VAC)
Input Frequency50/60Hz (47-63Hz)
Max. Power50VA
Max. Inrush Current20A
Insulation Resistance> 10M ohm @ 500VDC
Voltage Withstand(Dielectric)1 min. @ 1500VAC between primary, secondary and field ground
Auxiliary 24VDC supply300mA max.

Wiring example:

For further information on the power supply, refer to the Host Engineering documentation.

Direct FeedthroughN/A
Discrete sample timeN/A
XHP supportYes
Work offlineYes

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