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The wait-to-go is a feature that allows to hold back the execution of the Orchestra system until some conditions are met, only before the first execution step of the clients models. Since it needs a few configurations, we will dedicate this document section to it.

The wait-to-go is driven by the framework. It is modelled as an output signal within the framework model, which can receive 2 values:

  • 1 to activate the wait-to-go (blocking the execution of the clients connected to this framework)

  • 0 to deactivate the wait-to-go (releasing the execution of the clients connected to this framework, allowing them to start working).

While on hold, the Orchestra client will remain stuck in its first execution step. The associated model will also be blocked all along.

On the other side, the Orchestra framework will perform empty cycles, until the release of the wait-to-go. Any logic contained in the associated model will be executed properly.

Activation and Use

In order to activate the wait-to-go feature in the OrchestraFramework I/O interface, the option 'Sync client at first step' needs to be unchecked:

FIG 1: OrchestraFramework’s configuration to activate the wait-to-go feature

After saving the interface, the ‘WaitToGo’ signal should appear in the list of items available in the interface.

FIG 2: Signals view with wait-to-go feature activated

This signal may be used as any other signal within the model. It can be manually modified or conditionally activated through some specific logic.

If activated but not used within the Framework model, the default value will be set to 0. This means that the wait-to-go is not activated, and the client model will be free to execute.

OrchestraClient Configuration

On the client side, there are no modifications to do inside the models. However, it is very important to check the option “Client performs wait to go during start()” in the configuration of the corresponding OrchestraClient I/O interface, as described in the document


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