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Appendix B: List and Location of Components on DriveLab Board

List and Location of Components on the DriveLab Board

The DriveLab board

Each 3-phase inverter uses MOSFETs as switching devices. The 3-phase outputs for both inverters are identified as A1, B1 and C1 for Inverter 1 and A2, B2 and C2 for Inverter 2. The power supply for the 3-phase bridge drivers for the inverters is derived from the DC bus through a flyback converter (A-2). The inverters are driven by 3-phase bridge drivers (IR2133). The PWM inputs are isolated before being fed to the drivers. See the following figure.

DriveLab board phase connectors

+/-12V signal supply is required for the isolated analog signals (outputs of the DriveLab box). Switch S90 (C-2) controls the signal power to the board. The green LED D70 (C-2) indicates if the supply is available to the board or not. Fuses F90 (C-2) and F95 (B-2) provide protection for the +12V and -12V supplies respectively.

Analog power LED and fuses

The board has over-current protection for each inverter. An over-current fault on inverter 1 is indicated by the red LED labeled MOTOR FAULT 1 and an over-current fault on inverter 2 is indicated by the red LED labeled MOTOR FAULT 2.

Motor fault LEDs

Probe points are provided to observe the inverter quantities. BNC connector VOLT DC (B-4) is provided to probe the DC bus voltage. Note that the scaling factor of the DC bus input voltage is 1/10. See the following figure.

Volt DC probe connector

LEM sensors are used to measure the output current of the inverters. Only phase A and phase B currents are available. The phase C current can then be calculated using the current relationship Ia+Ib+Ic = 0, assuming that there is no neutral connection for the motors. The calibration of the current sensor is such that for a 1A current flowing through the current sensor, the voltage output is 0.5V (scaling factor of ½). See the following figures.

LEM Sensors

 Current probe BNC connectors

See below for an exhaustive list of the DriveLab board components and their location.

DriveLab Board Chart

DriveLab Board Chart

NumberComponentPCB ReferenceChart Location
1Terminal +36J1A-4
2Terminal GNDJ2A-3
3Terminal PHASE A1J3D-6
4Terminal PHASE B1J4E-6
5Terminal PHASE C1J5G-6
6Terminal PHASE A2J6J-6
7Terminal PHASE B2J7K-6
8Terminal PHASE C2J8L-6
9DIN connector for ±12 V signal supplyJ90B-2
10Signal supply switchS90C-2
11Signal supply +12 V fuseF90C-2
12Signal supply -12 V fuseF95B-2
13Signal supply LEDD70C-2
14Motor – Fault LEDD66D-2
15Motor – Fault LEDD67L-2
16Digital power LEDD68I-2
17Main power LEDD69B-3
18Inverter 1
D-3 to G-4
19Inverter 1C1I-3 to L-4
20Inverter 1 DC link capacitorC2B-5
21Inverter 2 DC link capacitorU1G-5
22Inverter 1 Driver IC IR2133U3E-2
23Inverter 2 Driver IC IR2133F2J-2
24Digital supply fuse

26Reset switchS1L-1
27Phase A1 current sensor (LEM)CS2C-5
28Phase B1 current sensor (LEM)CS3D-5
29Phase A2 current sensor (LEM)CS5H-5
30Phase B2 current sensor (LEM)CS6J-5
31DC link current sensor (LEM)CS1L-5
32Volt DCBNC5B-4
33Curr A1BNC1B-3
34Curr B1BNC2C-3
35Curr A2BNC3H-3
36Curr B2BNC4I-3

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