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5.1 Inverter Mode

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5.1.1 Changing DC Voltage Source

This exercise is intended to change the value of the DC Voltage source and observe its impact on the levels and waveforms, essentially, the inverter voltages.
For that, keep all the parameters unchanged except for the slider: Vdc (V).

Figure 9: Changing DC Input Voltage

Apply the changes, as shown in the first column of table 8, observe the waveforms and fill out the rest:


Levels for



- U

160 V

140 V

120 V

100 V

90 V

Table 8: Voltage Levels

Verify that the voltage value of Display4 follows Vdc/2*Reference Amplitude*sqrt (2) for each Vdc value in table 8.

5.1.2 Changing AC-Source Phase-Shift

This exercise is intended to show the impact of changing the phase-shift of the AC Source with respect to the reference signal.
Using the slider PhaseShift (Deg) do the following:

Choose positive values, thus rendering the load more inductive, and observe the waveforms of the voltages and currents as shown in figure 10.

Figure 10: Varying AC-source Phase-Shift; Load More Inductive

Repeat the exercise with negative values (capacitive load) as shown in figure 11.

Figure 11: Varying AC-source Phase-Shift; Load More Capacitive

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