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6B. Synchronizing with HYPERSIM

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In order to OPAL-RT Dashboards to properly work on a target running OPAL-RTLinux 3, please make sure in the Target Manager that the Network Configuration is NOT in Automatic mode for this specific target. A fixed address or a network interface needs to be selected to ensure proper communication between data acquisitors for OPAL-RT Dashboards and the simulator. 

Analyzing the model

First Analysis

A first analysis in HYPERSIM must be done to see the data points in the model table. Once done, all parameters and selected outputs and inputs will be in Dashboards.

Topology change

Like usual, if a block is added or removed, and if the network topology is modified, an analysis must be made in order to see changes in Dashboards.


Parameter values can be edited in HYPERSIM and Dashboards. All changes done in Dashboards will be pushed to HYPERSIM when valid.

However, changes made to parameter values in HYPERSIM need a manual fetch to be shown in Dashboards.

The model simulation status is shown next to the model name. The "Fetch Data” button can also refresh the status, in case the automatic synchronization fails.

Adding a sensor

HYPERSIM Sensors are referred to as Input and Output in Dashboards.

To add a sensor, go into HYPERSIM and open the Sensor form of the wanted block. Select the sensor needed and apply the changes. 

Currently, only outputs can be exposed in Dashboards.

The Sensor are in the model table as an Output and can be connected to Display widgets.

Running the simulation

The Simulation menu is located in the top-right corner. Clicking on the button will open a dropdown where you can control the simulation for each model in your project.

Frequent status updates will let you know when a model is waiting to load, running or waiting to stop.

Saving the changes made during a simulation

Changes made during a simulation are automatically sync and saved with HYPERSIM. 

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