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HYPERSIM Release Notes: 2020.3




  • Improved Python API command setComponentParameter, making it synchronous, thus removing the need to add wait time after its call
  • Improved PSS®E import to skip buses with IDE=4 and all components connected to them
  • Improved PSS®E import to manage multiple sources (machines or voltage sources) on the same bus; the biggest source (the one with highest PT value in PSS®E) stays as is, whereas the smaller ones are connected through an intermediary resistor and their type is changed to PQ


  • Fixed inconsistencies in tooltips of Network component forms
  • Fixed unit of winding voltages for Saturable 2-winding transformer with tap changer that wasn't set to rmsLL like other transformers in the previous version
  • Fixed issue where HYPERSIM would not start properly on a completely new Windows installation because of missing Microsoft libraries
  • Fixed various issues with In1, Vt and Vc1 pins and the lower limit of exciter ST1A
  • Fixed issue in AC3A exciter form where diagram would show Voel
  • Fixed voltage source base voltage display value
  • Fixed issue where sensor changes could be detected even if no changes were executed
  • Fixed issue during uninstallation where some documentation files would remain
  • Fixed occasional crash of a model engine when opening the Netlist after a specific sequence of actions


  • Removed automatic generation of the EXata CPS files when opening I/O Interface

I/O Interfaces

C37.118 Slave

  • Fixed issue when sensors of a given slave are dispatched on different cores
  • Fixed missing editable slave name in I/O Interface configuration


  • Fixed possible crash of asynchronous process with certain configurations

IEC 61850

  • Fixed UI crash when .icd file parsing failed

Modbus Slave

  • Fixed issue with initial values and float data types
  • Improved automatic setting of ID for TCP slaves


  • Fixed issue where the FPGA bitstream could be reprogrammed twice upon starting the simulation

OPC UA Server

  • Fixed Advanced Options which where showing at the root of the I/O Interface instance rather than in other elements of the tree

FPGA-Based Simulation

  • Added support of release notes in firmware description

  • Added 1st order low pass filter on PMSM VDQ PQ measurements

  • Added support of native SFP link on all firmware to allow multi-FPGA configuration
  • Fixed format of angle of PMSM VDQ FPGA module

  • Fixed issue on second machine of Dual PMSM Motor Vdq with park transform, rotor offset and initial angle parameters

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