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The RadioLink emitter and RadioLink receiver are a pair of components that work in a similar way to the Page connectors. However, RadioLink signals can travel in and out of subsystems. Instead of being connected by name, RadioLinks are connected together via a link name. For each link name, there should be only 1 emitter. However, the emitter can broadcast to multiple receivers with the same link name.

This model’s inputs and outputs are described in the following table.

I/O nameType (unit)Description
inInput (pu)Only on the emitter
outOutput (pu)Only on the receiver


The parameter name is "linkName" for the Python API.


In this example, the emitter RLE_1 broadcasts via the link name myControlSignal. The receiver RLR_1 listens to myControlSignal. During the analysis process, the relationship between the 2 RadioLinks is found. The absolute path to the emitter is shown next to the receiver link name for traceability. Finally, Sine1.y is implicitly connected to Gain1.u. Therefore, the RadioLinks components are not present in the topology and do not affect simulation performances.

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