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MMC Valve (FB Cells)

This component implements a modular multilevel converter (MMC) valve with full bridge submodules (FBSMs). The MMC consists of multiple FBSMs connected in series and an arm inductor. The individual FBSM consists of a capacitor and four switches.

Mask and Parameters

NameDescriptionUnitVariable = {Possible Values}
Number of modulesNumber of submodules in one valve-


Open state resistance - RopenIGBT Resistance when the switch is openMΩth_R_off
Closed state resistance - RcloseIGBT Resistance when the switch is closedΩth_R_on
Arm resistance - RarmArm resistanceΩRchoke
Arm inductance - LarmArm inductanceHLchoke
DC storage capacitance - CCapacitance of the submoduleFC
Initial capacitor voltage - VclnitInitial capacitor voltage of the submoduleVVclint
Forward voltage drop - VfForward voltage drop of the switchVVseuil
Holding current - IholdHolding currentAIhold

Ports, Inputs, Outputs and Signals Available for Monitoring


+Positive terminal of the valve
_Negative terminal of the valve


PGating signals of FBSMs 


VCapacitor voltages of HBSMs


Cmd1_smXX-th SM switch 1 command signal-
Cmd2_smXX-th SM switch 2 command signal-
Cmd3_smXX-th SM switch 3 command signal-
Cmd4_smXX-th SM switch 4 command signal-

RLarm (choke) current

IkmSwCap_smXX-th SM switch 2 currentA
IkmSw_smXX-th SM switch 1 currentA
Isw3_smXX-th SM switch 3 currentA
Isw4_smXX-th SM switch 4 currentA
State1D_smXX-th SM Switch 1 diode State-
State1_smXX-th SM Switch 1 State-
State2D_smXX-th SM Switch 2 diode State-
State2_smXX-th SM Switch 2 State-
State3D_smXX-th SM Switch 3 diode State-
State3_smXX-th SM Switch 3 State-
State4D_smXX-th SM Switch 4 diode State-
State4_smXX-th SM Switch 4 State-
Vc_smXX-th SM Capacitor voltageV
VkmSwCap_smXX-th SM Switch 1 voltageV
VkmSw_sm0X-th SM Switch 2 voltageV
Vsw3_sm0X-th SM Switch 3 voltageV
Vsw4_sm0X-th SM Switch 4 voltageV


The converter is modeled with detail switch that is driven by a PWM generator with 0 or 1 signals. 


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