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OP8666 Application examples

Controller Hardware-In-the-Loop Applications

The OP8666 also interfaces directly to OPAL-RT real-time simulators through the DB37 connectors on the rear panel.
This enables a low-cost RCP controller Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) solution, which can reduce the development time and increase flexibility without investing on the hardware prior to finalizing the control system.

Power Electronics Applications

The OP8666 is ideal for power electronics inverters and converters control system implementation due to its Rapid Control Prototyping capability and high performance.
Therefore, it’s quite popular for research and prototyping.

In addition, the open-source MATLAB Simulink models will greatly accelerate the development cycle of power electronics converters with the help of available application examples.
Open-Source Application Examples and Open-Source MATLAB Simulink Models are available here:
Furthermore, large resources are available from Texas Instruments that support the development of the F28379D ControlCARD.

Finally, due to its direct interface with the PELab from Taraz Technologies through the DB50 connectors, rapid development of power electronics systems is possible.

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