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OP8666 Description


The OP8666 DSP controller board is based on the popular TI C2000 series of microcontrollers that support direct programming from MATLAB Simulink, PSIM as well as embedded C.
This versatility is especially powerful for power electronics applications, where the OP8666 can be used for Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) and conventional embedded development.
Keeping that in mind, the OP8666 was designed to benefit fully from the RCP functionality while providing maximum integration and communication options.

The microcontroller ADC capabilities are extended further by providing pre-buffer stage, which increases the input voltage range to ±10V, thus making it suitable to interface to most sensors and HIL real-time simulators directly.
In addition, isolated Sync communication is added to enable fast module to module communication and can be used to develop distributed control system or master-slave operation of multiple controllers.
Finally, the fiber optic and CAN communications are added as well to allow application versatility.
The OP8666 is made using Texas Instruments TMDSCNCD28379D controlCARD to benefit from the available resources.
The OP8666 DB37 I/O connectors are directly compatible with OPAL-RT's line of simulators and I/O expansion units.

This module is also supported by MATLAB Simulink models and application examples that can accelerate development and reduce time to the market.


  • Power Electronics Applications
  • Rapid Control Prototyping
  • Conventional embedded development

Targeted Markets

  • Academics
  • R&D

Key Features

  • Dual-Core C2000 TMS320F28379D 200 MHz Controller
  • Up to 16 Channel, ±10V Input ADC with 8 Channels (16-Bit) @ 360ksps & 8 Channels (12-Bit) @ 430ksps
  • Isolated USB In Circuit Emulator for Programming & Debugging
  • Open-Source MATLAB Simulink Models
  • Up to 16 PWM Outputs and 16 Analog Inputs
  • Multiple Communication Protocols such as Isolated CAN, Sync, Fiber Optics and USB 2.0 Full Speed
  • MicroSD Card Support (On the ControlCARD)
  • Open-Source Application Examples

Software Requirements

The OP8666 can be programmed using embedded C language as well as graphical programming. The programming and debugging is done through the ICP USB port.
The following software (not included) can be used for programming:

Open-Source MATLAB Simulink Models and Open-Source Application Examples are available here:

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