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OP8710 System Description

The High Voltage Interface Panel (HVIP) can provide digital signals of up to 250 VDC to external equipment and provides up to 16 such signals.

OPAL-RT's digital outputs control the relay switch located between the +VDC and +LOAD connections.

The HVIP uses 8 Brentek International dual channel solid-state output modules for the 16 output channels. Each output module can switch up to 250mA at 250VAC/VDC. The module is operated using an active-low signal provided by the OPAL-RT simulator.

The module output contact is closed when 0 Volts are applied to the control input. When the module contact is closed, the relay status LED is ON. If no connection is made to the control input, then the module contact is open.

The DB37 connector uses the same pinout as the OP5600 and OP5700 families of chassis.

CAUTION: When making connections between the HVIP and the external equipment, ensure that the +VDC voltage supply is turned OFF.

Typical Application Diagram

NOTE that the OP8710 is equipped with a watchdog (to the upper left of the middle box, below, in pale green).

The watchdog receives synchro pulses from the FPGA, which is in turn what drives the relays (with the 24V power received through the watchdog).

If the watchdog stops receiving synch for any reason (this indicates that the model has reset, crashed, etc.,), it cuts the 24v at source, and this in turn opens all the relays.


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