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OP5962 Description

The OP5962 RTSI-LVDS transceiver is designed to synchronize signals between chassis by sending synchronization pulses from master to slave (an RTSI signal leaves the chassis, is converted to LVDS to reduce noise during transmission and enters into the next chassis as RTSI).

The OP5962 designated as Master receives its pulse from the FPGA. The master sends the signal to the slave which can then transmit to the next Slave (depending on the hardware configuration)


  • Operating mode switch
  • 5 mm audio connector (for OP5962).
  • 2 Status LEDs (power and clock activity). These light when a model with an FPGA I/O synchronization is running in real time (indicates good synchronization between FPGA and I/Os)


The OP5962 RTSI-LVDS transceiver must be factory installed in the OP5600 at the time of system configuration.


Depending on the configuration, the OP5962 (when installed in an OP5600) can act as a master or slave synchronization module. The following images provide examples of connection configurations.

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