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OP8320 General Description

The OP8320 is a DB37 to DB37 connector module that lets users add custom conditioning of signals for specific uses. The module connects, via standard DB37 connectors, to the cable going from the OPAL-RT simulator to the external device under test.

The conditioning board installed inside the housing can be selected and adapted for the targeted application, for example by adding or changing resistances, diodes, etc.

There are four separate options for signal conditioning within the OP8320 family:

OP8320-1Protection and snubber kit
OP8320-2Filtering kit
OP8320-3Bidirectional current limiter
OP8320-4Transmission line termination kit

Typical Applications

  • Voltage amplitude protection
  • Overshoot and undershoot attenuation
  • Filtering
  • Bidirectional current limiter
  • Reflection attenuation

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