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OP6200 Power backplane

The power backplane is a key feature of the chassis which gives it its versatility. It allows the operator to adapt the configuration of the power rails according to the specificities of the ECU under test. These functionalities are enabled and configured via the Base Module and are described in the Power Moding and Power Monitoring and Control sections. 

The power backplane is located at the back of the chassis above the I/O and communication backplane. Its interface consists of two sections: IN (input signals) and OUT (outputs signals) of banana jacks, as shown in the figure below. 

The IN section provides three inputs:

  • BATT
    • This input is used to supply the ECU's battery voltage. The OP6200 supports 12V and 24V ECUs. The battery level is expected to be in the Operating voltage prescribed range.

  • ECU 5V
    • This input is used to supply the ECU's 5V voltage line. 
    • This input is routed internally to the power rail connector of each I/O card.

  • GND

The OUT section provides ten outputs: 

  • BATT
  • ACC
  • IGN3
  • IGN1
  • IGN0
  • MP S1
  • MP S2
  • GND

Except for BATT and GND, the other eight output signals depend on the Power Moding settings configured via the Base Module configuration panel as described in the Power Moding page. These signals are also routed internally to the OP6200 cards installed in the chassis.

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