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OP5650XG Front Connectors

OP5650 Front connectors

The interfaces on the front of the OP5650XG Artix 7 (OP5143) include 4 RJ45 monitoring panels.

A: 4 panels of RJ45 connectors provide connections to monitor output from mezzanine I/O Each connector is linked to front and back mezzanines on the carrier board. Analog mezzanines (channels 0-16) use only the first column of connectors. Digital mezzanines use both columns (channels 0-15 in the first column and channels 16-31 on the second column of connectors). See the mezzanine connector image and the RJ45 pinouts for more detailed information.

B: Monitoring RJ45 connectors with mini-BNC terminals: RJ45 cables connect from a channel on an RJ45 panel (A) to one of four RJ45 monitoring connectors (B). Mini-BNC connectors allow for quick cable connections to monitoring devices (such as an oscilloscope). See OP5650XG Connecting Monitoring Devices for details.

C: Target computer monitoring interface. Two push-buttons include POWER in the top position to start the Target computer and RESET in the bottom position to reset the Target There are 6 LED indicators:






On indicates that the unit is powered up.



On indicates that the hard disk drive is operating.



On indicates that network port 1 is in use.



On indicates that network port 2 is in use.


Power Fail

On indicates a power fault.


Overheat/Fan Fail

On indicates either that unit has overheated or a fan fault.

D: Fiber optic synchronization board (top slot) and optional PCIe connector slot (by default, the lower space is covered by a blank plate if there are no optional PCIe boards).

E: Standard computer connectors (left to right): mouse and keyboard, USB ports, monitor, network ports. Although the use of these connectors is optional but not required to use the OP5650, one network port is required for network.

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