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OP8219 System Description

The OP8219 interfaces the following Festo LabVolt equipments in the 2kW Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Research System with the OPAL-RT simulator.

  1. the Festo LabVolt 4 quadrant dynamometer (2kW) encoder module .

  2. The Festo LabVolt IGBT Chopper/Inverter modules (8857-1, 8837-B0).

It is designed to be installed on a standard 19″ rack and uses standard DB37 connectors to connect with the Opal simulator. The DB9 Encoder IN connectors in the front are compatible with the encoder module in the LabVolt 2kW dynamometer (8505-A), and the DB9 Inverter OUT connectors in the front are compatible with the DB9 terminals on the LabVolt IGBT/Chopper module (8857-1). It requires to be powered by a 12V DC power supply unit, and has three different connectors options. The user needs to supply the 12V power in only one of the power supply connectors. Since the inverter DB37 connector supplies a 5 V power to the simulator Digital Out card, user should not connect any power supply to the simulator Digital Out connector.


Apart from the encoder signals, a user has access to eight digital input channels in the front. There are also four digital output channels in the front accessible to the user.



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