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OP8219 Specifications

General Specifications

Product name

OP8219 Inverters Decoders Interface Panel

Part number


Number of Channels

2 Encoders (ABZ)
2 inverters (3 phase)
8 Digital In (DIN 00 to DIN 07)
4 Digital Out (DOUT 12 to DOUT 15)

Form factor


I/O connectors

2 DB37F (rear)
2 DB9F (front)
2DB9M (front)
4mm banana jacks (front)

Operating temperature

10 to 40oC (50 to 104oF)

Relative humidity

10 to 90%, non-condensing

Maximum altitude

2000 m (6552 ft.)

Electrical specifications

Power supply

12 V

Digital input signal voltage level

0-5 V

Digital output signal voltage level

0-5 V

The OP8219 powers the simulator Digital Out card with 5V power supply at pin 18, so the user do not need to power the simulator digital out card using external power supply. If the user powers the digital out card with voltage higher than 5 V, there is a chance that the digital buffer IC in the OP8219 get damaged. Thus, it is not recommended to power the simulator digital out card by external power supply.


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