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OP4810-IO/OP4815-IO - System Description

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The OP4810-IO and OP4815-IO are I/O expansion units that include top-of-the-line AMD Versal™ Prime adaptative SoC line of compute engines (FPGA).
They are designed to add powerful FPGA compute capabilities and plenty of additional and fast I/Os to OPAL-RT’s real-time HIL simulators.
They are compatible with the OPAL-RT simulators:

Both units are identical, except for the Versal™ Prime model.

  • The OP4810-IO includes AMD Versal™ Prime VM1302 Adaptative SoC

  • The OP4815-IO includes AMD Versal™ Prime VM1402 Adaptative SoC

Each unit can host up to 2 versatile and configurable I/O modules.
Each I/O modules is connected to 4 DB37 I/O connectors, for a total of 8 DB37 I/O connectors when 2 modules are installed.

They also include12 SFP ports in the front, and in the back, 4 RS-422 DB9 connectors offering 6 Rx and 6Tx (default proposed configuration that can be replaced by optical fiber connectors).

The OP4810-IO/OP4815-IO FPGA Processor and I/O Expansion Units are compatible with RT-LAB and HYPERSIM software and eHS, MMC, RT-XSG toolboxes.
Used with OPAL-RT’s RT-LAB and eHS, FPGA based power electronics toolbox, the OP4810-IO and OP4815-IO will smoothly run all real-time power electronic models.

The OP4810-IO and OP4815-IO are designed to be used either as a desktop, shelf top, or mounted in a standard 19″ rack.

Simulator Architecture

The OP4810-IO and OP4815-IO are exactly the same, except for their AMD Versal™ Prime compute engines (FPGA).

The front of the chassis provides access to the SFP ports, the fiber-optic synchronization connectors and the RJ45 Ethernet ports.
The back of the chassis provides access to the DB37 and DB9 I/O connectors, target power cable, and main power switch.

The AMD Versal ™ Prime Adaptative SoC (FPGA) execute models designed with OPAL-RT software and toolboxes, manage the I/O lines and execute embedded FPGA-based simulations.

I/O Modules

The OP4810-IO/OP4815-IO can host up to 2 I/O modules, depending on the user’s needs.

All I/O modules are factory installed. Changes can only be made by OPAL-RT, its affiliates and certified distributors. Opening the simulator case will automatically void the warranty.

Combinations of compatible I/O modules are possible. Please refer to the compatibility chart for details.

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