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Use Case 1: Upgrading an Existing System

OPAL-RT’s OP4610XG, OP5705XG, OP5707XG, and OP5033XG real-time simulators can connect to an OP4810-IO or OP4815-IO FPGA and I/O Expansion Unit.
The OP48xx-IO is linked to the compatible real-time simulator by a PCIe link using a One Stop System (OSS) PCIe host adapter.
An Ethernet link to the organization network is required to flash the bitstream to the unit.

An optional SFP fiber-optic FPGA communication link (FPGA-to-FPGA) is required when you want models to be executed on both FPGA.
Compatible real-time simulators are OP4610XG and OP5707XG.



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