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OpNI671x PWM Out




The National Instruments 671x cards feature analog inputs, analog outputs, digital I/O lines and counters. This block is used to control one of the two counters to generate a pulse train with variable frequency and duty cycle.

Both the active signal level and resolution can be configured.

This block supports a list of PXI and PCI cards. For more card-specific information, please refer to NI documentation.


Bus TypeSelect the bus type (PCI or PXI) of the board in this list.
Card TypeSelect the card model on this list.
Card indexIndex of the card on the bus (for example, if only one card is present in the computer, enter "0" in the corresponding field).
CounterEach NI671x board has two counters. Select the counter to be used (0 or 1).
Clock sourceSets the counting clock of the counter to either20MHz or 100kHz. Clock selection has a direct impact on resolution.
Synchronizesee definition.


FreqThis input is used to specify the frequency, either in Hz or seconds (see parameters), of the generated signal.
DutyFraction of the period during the signal is active. Can be expressed either in seconds or as a ratio of the active time over the period. Ex: 0.25 means the signal is active one-fourth of the period.


This block has no outputs.

Characteristics and Limitations

Connections Requirements

The generated signal is available at the OUT pin of the selected counter.

Direct FeedthroughNo
Discrete sample timeNo
XHP supportYes
Work offlineNo

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