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Opens an existing project. You can specify either a project file or an instance ID (only if the project is currently active).

If the handle input is not specified, a new connection handle is created and returned.

This handle identifies the obtained connection and must be explicitly disconnected when all calls have been completed. This handle DOES NOT support concurrent RT-Lab API calls. If several simultaneous calls are necessary, other handles must first be acquired either with Opal_New_Connection_Handle, Opal_Open_Project or other connection functions.

Return on Ambiguity:

  • Return: If more than one active project satisfies the match criteria the error E2BIG (5007) is returned and no connection is established.
  • Continue: If more than one active project satisfies the match criteria RT-Lab's Active Projects window is displayed and the user may choose which project to connect to. If the operation is canceled, the error OP_API_CMD_CANCELED (5699) is returned.

See also

Opal_New_Project, Opal_Disconnect, Opal_Get_Active_Projects


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