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OpNI670x Digital In




The National InstrumentsNI6703 and NI6704 cards feature 16 voltage outputs and 8 digital I/O lines. The NI6704 card also features 16 current outputs. This block monitors the digital I/O lines and configures them as input channels.


Bus TypeSelect the bus type (PCI or PXI) of the target node in this list.
Card TypeSelect the card model on this list.
PCI indexEnter the PCI index (see definition)of the card on the PCI (or PXI) bus.
Selection of channels used in inputEnter the vector of channel numbers to be monitored by this block. The channel numbers, in the range [0-7], can be entered in any order and must appear only once in the list.
Synchronizesee definition.


This block has no inputs.


At each calculation step of the model, the block returns the current values (0 or 1) of the I/O lines.

Only the values of the channels specified in the channel list parameter are returned and the outputs are in the order of the channel list parameter. The width of the outport of the block must be equal to the number of entries in the channel list parameter. Use a demux to connect individual outputs to the rest of the model.

Characteristics and Limitations

Connector Pin Assignments

The following table gives the description of the signals related to the digital IO channels and is followed by the connector pin assignments of the 68-pin I/O connector.

Signal Name Signal Description 
DIO0..7 Digital IO lines
DGND Digital IO ground pins.

68-pin I/O

Pin Description Pin Description 
34VCH0 68AGND0/AGND16 
33AGND1/AGND17 67ICH16 
32ICH17 66VCH1 
31VCH2 65AGND2/AGND18 
30AGND3/AGND19 64ICH18 
29ICH19 63VCH3 
28VCH4 62AGND4/AGND20 
27AGND5/AGND21 61ICH20 
26ICH21 60VCH5 
25VCH6 59AGND6/AGND22 
24AGND7/AGND23 58ICH22 
23ICH23 57VCH7 
22VCH8 56AGND 
21ICH24 55AGND8/AGND24 
20AGND9/AGND25 54VCH9 
19AGND 53ICH25 
18AGND10/AGND26 52VCH10 
17VCH11 51ICH26 
16ICH27 50AGND11/AGND27
15VCH12 49AGND12/AGND28 
14AGND13/AGND29 48ICH28 
13ICH29 47VCH13 
12VCH14 46AGND14/AGND30 
11AGND15/AGND31 45ICH30 
10ICH31 44VCH15 
Direct FeedthroughNo
Discrete sample timeNo
XHP supportYes
Work offlineNo

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