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DFIG Motor Drive Test

The motor drive test is used to check the connection between the simulator and the motor drive and between the motor encoder and the OP8660 encoder reading.

As mentioned in the configuration section, the RS232 connector from the OP5600 (RS232) connects to the Motor drive RS485.

The OP8660 DB9 connector Encoder inputs connect to the Motor Encoder Output.

MotorDrive Control panel in TestDrive

Motor drive touch screen, normal mode

Execute the motor drive test to confirm that the motor is functioning properly.

  • Make sure the DB9 female-female connector is connected from the Motor Encoder output to the OP8660 Encoder inputs
  • Make sure the OP5600 RS232 connector is connected to the Motor drive (RS485).
  • In the TestDrive user interface, open the OP8660 panel and click on the Dyno Control tab.
  • Power up the motor drive and, using the touch screen interface, press Computer-Based Control. The touch screen turns red to indicate that it is being controlled by the computer.
  • In the Dyno Control tab of the TestDrive interface, click on the Start/Stop button to start the motor.
  • Use the RPM Set Point and Maximum Torque sliders to view the effect of changing speed and torque

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