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DFIG Motor Kit Inverter Test

The inverter test verifies that the inverter outputs are functioning properly.

As mentioned in the configuration section, the DB9 connector links the OP8660 Inverter outputs to the IGBT Chopper/Inverter switching control.

The TestDrive Inverter Control tab lets users control pulses sent to the IGBT. These controls include the duty cycle for each phase and the carrier frequency.

Inverter Control panel in TestDrive

By connecting to each pair of IGBT (1&4, 2&5, 3&6 in the figure below) in the Switching Control section of the IGBT Chopper/Inverter, users can view a complementary set of pulses using an oscilloscope.

Inverter test connections

Execute the inverter test:

  1. Make sure that the OP8660 DB9 Inverter is connected to the IGBT Chopper/Inverter Switching control
  2. Connect the switching control pair (yellow connectors numbered 1 through 6 in the above figure) to an oscilloscope.
  3. In TestDrive interface, open the OP8660 panel at the Inverter Control tab
  4. Select the Test pulse” in the pulse type selector as shown in the first figure
  5. Set the pulse enabled in the section in the first figure
  6. Now you can view the pulses in an oscilloscope. Vary the duty cycle or the carrier frequency and observe the effect

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