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Real-Time Control, Simulation & Data Acquisition System: Introduction

With OPAL-RT’s real-time simulator solutions, users can learn, study and test power electronics control as well as fully exploit Lab-Volt’s renewable energy 2kW DFIG laboratory kit.

  • Easily connects an OP5600 simulator to academic laboratory equipment
  • Provides high-end rapid control prototyping (RCP) capabilities in the undergraduate and graduate labs
  • Complements Lab-Volt DFIG offer with a Simulink-based controller option
  • Easily builds medium power (2kW) laboratory teaching or research

 System architecture diagram, with Lab-Volt 2kW DFIG

Left: controller and real-time simulator; right: signal conditioning interface.

Acquisition signal lines are dashed; control signal llines are solid.


The complete system contains the following standard hardware. Cabling instructions are provided for this configuration only.

  • Opal-RT OP5600 real-time simulator
  • Opal-RT OP8660 hil controller and data acquisition interface
  • LabVolt IGBT chopper/inverter (8857)
  • LabVolt power supply (8821)
  • LabVolt line inductors
  • LabVolt resistive load
  • LabVolt three-phase wound-rotor induction motor
  • A-quad dynamo (8540)
  • DFIG machine (8505)
  • Motor module (8506)


High voltage. Never leave the system unattended.


This section shows how the system cables should be connected to get started.

Connect the OP5600 to the OP8660 (these are the DB37 connectors on the rear panel of each unit), using the connections indicated below.

OP5600 to OP8660 cable connection

OP5600 to OP8660 Connection Table





Signal Type

Gr1 A P1


Analog Outputs

Gr1 B P1


Analog Inputs

Gr2 A P1


IE9-16 (Current & Voltage Measurements)

Gr2 B P1


IE1-E8 (Current & Voltage Measurements)

Gr3 A P1


Digital Inputs

Gr3 B P1


Digital Outputs

Gr3 B P2


Inverter Outputs

Connect the OP5600 (RS232 connector end) to the Motor drive (RS485 connector end). Then connect the OP8660 DB9 female Encoder inputs to the Motor Encoder

Cable from OP5600 and OP8660 to motor drive

Connect the OP8660 DB9 male Inverter outputs to the IGBT Chopper/Inverter Switching Control

Front connection of the OP5600 real-time simulator and of the OP8660 HIL controller and data acquisition

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