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Data Source Menu



For more on Data Source Selection, see Data Source Chooser and Signal Selection > Data Source Chooser and Signal Selection, below on this page

See also FPGA Scope for using the Data Sources Chooser with this source.

Displays the Data Sources Chooser window and allows the user to load a particular plot file or signals from HYPERSIM sensors. Users may also select a file, HYPERSIM, TestView or the DataLogger as data sources.


REPLACEDisplays the Data Sources Chooser window and allows the user to replace (delete the previous if any) and load a new file.
The Data Sources Chooser window displays a Replace button instead of the Load button.
RELOAD ALLReload the plot file already loaded when new sensors had been added in your HYPERSIM simulation as per example.
REMOVE ALLRemove all the data sources already loaded.

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